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Raleigh, NC


Lindsay Davis Photography provides professional, fresh, lifestyle photography experiences for newborns, babies and families in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.


My name is Lindsay Davis, owner and story teller at Lindsay Davis Photography.

If you want to capture the essence of your children's childhood and all the silly little quirks, tiny hands, skips, jumps, and pouty faces in a way that tells the story of your family, then lets collaborate.


My magic super power is cutting through the forced smiles and apprehension to get to the nitty-gritty of how your family connects. Yes, there is some quick posing so you can look your absolute best, but it is really the stuff in between the posing where everyone falls out into giggles that makes the best memories. To say it another way, I want to put the story of your love, your children's joy... your authentic selves on your walls and in your hands.

My goal is to find Mom's and Dad's that are willing to let their children be themselves. If the three year old daughter picks out a tutu and rain boots, then lets go for it. Your son wants to show off is matchbox car collection, let's work it in. Want to go jumping in mud puddles? Let's make it happen. This is real life and kids will always love mud.

I'm a new Mom!

My heart be still! I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on July 26th 2013. I cannot tell you how excited I am to meet her. She's nothing like I imagined. That's a good thing! I had no idea how much God would bless me and she's a perfect mixture of my husband and I. I can only imagine all the trouble we will get into teaching her how to bake just like my Mom did with me. We are learning each other's cues and signals. I'm trying to sleep when she sleeps but WHEW! It's a job.

I have so much respect for new mom's and I work that into your experience. Don't worry about cleaning the house before I come over for your lifestyle session. I will move things (piles of baby clothes that don't have a home yet, the mountain of thank you notes yet to go out) and I will move them back (or put them up if you know where you want them to go!). Together we will focus on you and your family's bond with your brand new baby. I will be there to make you and your home look gorgeous so you can leave a lifemap of your family through imagery for decades to come.

I'm married to a comedian. Well he thinks he is.

My husband is amazing... and to be fair, he is pretty funny. But please don't tell him because then he'll keep going. I'm a lucky girl.

If you've made it this far, then you are probably my kind of person. That means you are one part superhero, one part sock finder, and love to laugh at yourself and your kids. Let's face it, kids are pretty honest and your quick-witted self contributed to those genes.

As one of my people, I bet you'd love to hear about any updates around these parts. Don't worry, I can only write so much, so we're looking at maybe hearing from me about once a month(ish).